Discover the new CM11 Plus
with improved benefits thanks to the home-made Power Polymer.

Now possible to apply up to +50% larger tiles

  • Now for up to 60x40cm tiles 
  • For ceramic & gres tiles sized up to 0,25 m² and max. 60 cm side-length (eg. 60x40 cm tiles)

Faster grouting on wall (8h)

  • Start grouting on the next morning (*on wall with gres tiles) 
  • Faster working progress 
  • Walkable after only 16h waiting overnight

Excellent Anti-slip

  • properties on vertical surfaces, even for larger tiles

Power Polymers

Tailor-made Henkel technology for outstanding quality.

One of the reasons for Henkel innovations and the high quality of our product are our in-house technologies and tailor-made solutions. The "special ingredient" inside CM 11 PLUS tile adhesive is the MC cellulose - our Power Polymers - with a significant positive influence on the adhesive's workability, open time, slip resistance, hydration etc. Henkel is the only company in our industry to produce our own Polymers for tile adhesives. 


What are experts saying about CM11 Plus

EC1 Plus certificate

What exactly is EC1 Plus certificate?

The EMICODE issued by the GEV (Gemeinschaft Emissionskontrollierte Verlegewerkstoffe) is an internationally recognized guidance and quality standard for low-emission products. EC1 Plus stands for the lowest possible emission level. The lower the emission level, the better the air quality in the room.



Tips & Tricks

Step by Step Guide

CM 11 Plus "Comfort Gres" Ceramic tile mortar


Step 1: Substrate preparation

CM 11 Plus adheres to all clean, solid, load-bearing, even, dry and moist substrates, which are free from substances which can reduce adhesion. Uneven areas or depressions should be levelled before (see Ceresit Flooring and Interior Finishes products). Coatings of insufficient load-bearing strength must be removed (...)

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